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    Other Contacts

    • To check if a document has been filed and date filed 
    • Requests for copies of court orders 
    • Clerk administrative fees
    • Process server or status of service

    Montgomery County Clerk of Courts - Domestic Relations Division
    (937) 225-4562

    • Inquiries regarding support checks and/or payments being   made 
    • Amount of arrearage owed or request for audit of support account 
    • Desire to speak with a Support Specialist for enforcement of their support case 

    Montgomery County Support Enforcement Agency
    (937) 225-4600

    • Inquiries regarding date and time of hearings of Domestic Relations cases

    Domestic Relations Court Assignment Office
    (937) 225-4087

    • Inquiries pertaining to a recent hearing before a Judge or Magistrate in Domestic Relations cases

    Domestic Relations Court
    (937) 225-4063
    (Should be transferred to Magistrate's Legal Secretary)

    • Reporting changes that effect a child or spousal support obligation

    Domestic Relations Court Compliance Office
    (937) 225-4782 

    • Requests for family mediation

        Domestic Relations Court  Mediation Services Dept.(937) 225-4782 

    • Scheduling or questions pertaining to Parenting After Divorce Seminar

    Domestic Relations Court Parent Education Department(937) 225-4539

    • Support questions when parties were never married

    Juvenile Court Support Office (937) 225-6133 

    • Questions regarding Domestic Violence or temporary Protection Orders

    Domestic Relations Court Domestic Violence Public Legal Specialist
    (937) 496-6859

    • Pro Se Litigant (parties who want to file an action without an attorney)

    Domestic Relations County Pro Se Public Legal Specialist
    (937) 224-3634

    • Status of warrant or to see if a warrant has been issued

    Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
    (937) 225-6552