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    Legal Services

    The Legal Services Department provides unique services for the general public. The department reviews pro-se pleadings for the court to ensure that they comply with the civil rules of procedure and local rules as to form. The department also provides assistance to the individuals who petition the court for a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order. The department staff cannot give individual legal advice. The department is limited by law to provide only general procedural information. When in doubt about a legal issue, it is essential that individuals consult a private attorney. There is no substitute for the legal advice provided by an attorney representing you. The department staff also reviews the records of individuals to determine their compliance with Seek Work Orders and to monitor the payment history of individuals in support matters. The staff prepares compliance reports for the Judges and magistrates prior to contempt or imposition of sentence hearings. 

    Telephone Directory for the Legal Services Department



     Legal Director

      (937) 225-4053

     Administrative Assistant

     (937) 225-6061

     Child Support Compliance Specialist

     (937) 225-6055

     Public Legal Specialist-

     (937) 224-3634

     Domestic Violence

      (937) 496-6859