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    Legal Secretaries

    The Legal Secretarial duties require considerable knowledge of office, secretarial and administrative practices and procedures. Legal Secretaries perform tasks of an administrative nature in support of a Judge, Magistrate, or other court official. They are directly assigned to a Magistrate in a legal secretary/assistant capacity. Secretaries prepare court orders, reports, forms, memos, correspondence and final decisions by the Magistrate and Judges. They receive, screen and refer telephone calls from the public and attorneys. Additional duties include searching and maintaining files for a variety of complex and confidential materials. Secretaries also schedule court proceedings and collaborate with other staff personnel and other court departments and agencies. 

    Telephone Directory for the Legal Secretaries Department



     Keith Hall

     (937) 225-6032

     Christine Magee

     (937) 225-4074

     Barbara Reno

     (937) 225-4100

     Cozette Snead

     (937) 225-4074

     Nicholas Sylvain

     (937) 496-3009

     Elaine Stoermer

     (937) 225-4330

     Tim Wood

     (937) 225-5483

     Annette Wright

     (937) 225-5817