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    Denise L. Cross, Administrative Judge

    Judge Wood

    Denise L. Cross, Administrative Judge

     Timothy D. Wood,  Judge 


    The two Judges of the Domestic Relations Court shall have assigned to them all divorce, dissolution, legal separation, annulment and domestic violence cases coming before the court.  Each Judge appoints and supervises a personal staff consisting of a Bailiff and a Court Reporter.   The Administrative Judge is charged with the assignment and division of the work and with the employment and supervision of all other personnel of the Domestic Relations Court. The Administrative Judge shall also designate the title, compensation, expense allowances, hours, leaves of absence, and vacations of the personnel of the court, and fix their duties.

    Telephone Directory for the Judicial Department

    Bailiff - Judge Cross                  (937) 225-4874
    Court Reporter - Judge Cross  (937) 225-4875
    Bailiff - Judge Wood                   (937) 225-4091
    Court Reporter - Judge Wood   (937) 225-5818