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    Domestic Relations Forms

    These forms are provided for the convenience of residents of Montgomery County, Ohio. Where indicated, they are in PDF format.The forms and guidelines below require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a copy, click on the picture pdf_iconwww.adobe.com
    1. Poverty Affidavit
    2. Affidavit of Financial Disclosure
    3. Sup.Ct. Affadavit of Financial Disclosure
    4. Information for Parenting Proceeding
    5. Standard Order of Parenting Time
    6. Standard Order of Dependent Health Care Needs
    7. Support Enforcement Agency Information Sheet-DR16
    8. Application for Child Support Services
    9. Obligee's Rights and Remedies for Enforcement of Support
    10. Determination of Paternity
    11. Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations-J18
    12. Guidelines for Guardian Ad Litem Appointments - J-25
    13. Shared Parenting Plan Outline
    14. Notice of Possible Sanctions - Form 13
    15. Order to Show Cause
    16. Health Care Reimbursement Form
    17. Financial Disclosure - Affidavit of Indigency
    18. Entry and Order of Custody Upon Death of a Party
    19. Request to Record Court Proceedings
    20. Entry of Permission to Record Court Proceedings
    21. Division of Property Order - DOPO
    22. Parent Questionnaire and Information Sheet
    23. Questionnaire (DR-8)
    24. Child Support Computation Worksheet - Sole Residential Parent or Shared Parenting Order
    25. Child Support Computation worksheet - Split Parental Rights and Responsibilties
    26. Child Support Guidelines-Basic Child Support Schedule (DR-27) 
    27. 2009 Poverty Guidelines Attachment - for Child Support Computation Worksheets
    28. USDA Cash Medical Support Schedule - for Child Support Computation Worksheets 
    29. Petition for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order-DV4
    30. Instructions for Service
    31. Motion & Entry for Continuance
    32. Domestic Violence Hearing Continuance

     Domestic Violence Forms

    Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order With Children (Packet)
         Instructions and Required Documents

    Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order No Children (Packet)
          Instructions and Required Documents

         Individual Instructions and Required Documents: 

    1. General Information About Domestic Violence Protection Orders
    2. How to Obtain a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order
    3. Information for Parenting Proceeding Affidavit
    4. Instructions for Completing a Petition for a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order
    5. Instructions for Completing the Information for Parenting Proceeding Affidavit
    6. Law Enforcement Information
    7. Petition for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order

    Parent Education Department Forms

    1. Parent Questionnaire & Information Sheet
    2. Petition for Conciliation


       Affidavit to Set Account Balance