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Mediation is a process where parties resolve disputes outside the formal legal system.  In mediation, the parties meet in a private setting to work out solutions to their problems with the help of two mediators.  The mediators do not decide who is right or wrong.  The mediators will not force the parties to reach an agreement.  The mediators help each side to better understand their situation and encourage the parties to create solutions that meet their individual needs.  Any agreement reached is voluntary.

Mediation services are available as an alternative to litigation to resolve issues. All pre-decree divorces will be screened for mediation services. Both parties must agree to mediate the issues or the mediation cannot proceed. Mediation is available for pre and post-decree domestic relations cases. The mediator assists the couple in identifying issues, developing options, encouraging problem solving, and helping the couple make responsible decisions in the best interests of the children. The mediation process is confidential; therefore, the mediator may not be subpoenaed into court. If the parties are able to reach an agreement, a "written agreement" is prepared, and signed by the parties, which, in turn, is given to the parties, sent to the court, and attorneys of record. A mediation outcome form with several options will be marked and sent to all parties and the court. For further information on mediation, contact Mediation Dept. (937) 225-4539 



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