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    Kent E. Harshbarger, M.D., J.D., M.B.A.
    • Coroner, Montgomery County
    • Chairman of the Board, MVRCL
    Ken Betz, B.S., M.S.
    Chief Deputy Coroner
    Deputy Coroners


    Chief Toxicologist
    Forensic Consultants
    • Forensic Anthropology
      Beth Murray, Ph.D. - Consultant
    • Neuropathologist
      Dr. Pamela Sequeira, M.D.


    Forensic Dental Team Consultants
    • Dr Greg McDonald-Chief
    • Dr. Mark Armstrong-Dep. Chief
    • Dr. Frank Wright-Dep. Chief
    • Dr. Bob Johnson
    • Dr. William Anderson
    • Dr. Angela DeMoss
    • Dr. Mark Rashch
    • Dr. Domenic Dinello
    • Dr. Brian Kernan
    • Dr. Bill Lefler
    • Dr. Carl Schafer
    • Dr. William Baldwin
    • Dr. Dan Jolly
    • Dr. Mike Kastner
    • Dr. Judy Robinson
    • Dr. Keith Norwalk
    • Dr. Lora Elias
    • Dr.Matt Cororan



    1st Quarter (Jan-Mar 2015) Accidental Overdoses for Montgmoery County
    Breakdown of overdose cases by location and age for Montgomery County

    January-February 2015 Accidental Overdoses for Montgomery County