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    Clerk of Commission

    Contact Us:                  

    Phone: (937) 225-6491
    Fax: (937) 496-6560
    E-mail: IngramG@mcohio.org

    451 W. Third Street
    P.O. Box 972
    Dayton, OH 45422-1120

    Gayle L. Ingram, Clerk, Board of County Commissioners

    Clerk of Commission Functions
    The clerk provides the agenda of subjects to be covered at the Board's weekly meetings and is responsible for processing and the keeping of permanent records of all transactions taken by the Board of County Commissioners.  All official papers, deeds, contracts and bids on construction work and major projects are received by the clerk, who presents them to the commissioners for official action.

    Illustrative Duties:

    • Directs the preparation of resolutions for the commission.
    • Prepares the agenda for the commission meetings and takes minutes of meetings.
    • Processes all official documents, deeds and contracts for approval by the Board of County Commissioners.
    • Notifies press of schedule of meetings.

    • Appears in court with all legal papers on annexations, sewer and water projects, or any other matters requiring records from the Clerk's Office.

    • Maintains records of important documents within the administration.
    • Provides assistance to county employees and to the public in researching records, documents, actions or resolutions.