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    Montgomery County Expects to Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with 2014 Revaluation Project

    Improved technology and advanced techniques will allow the county to save hundreds of thousands of dollars when it completes the next state-mandated update of property values according to County Auditor Karl Keith. 

    Keith kicked off Montgomery County’s 2014 Revaluation Project on Wednesday, August 15 at the Huber Heights Government Center.  The project’s first phase started this week when personnel from the county’s contractor began taking new digital photos of homes and businesses in Huber Heights to update the county’s property records.

    “Reducing the cost of government is a major priority in this economy,” Keith said.  “Advances in digital image technology will allow us to update our records more efficiently and will result in significant cost reductions.”

    According to Keith, the county’s contract with Dayton-based Tyler Technologies to complete the 2014 revaluation is more than $400,000 below the cost of its previous update of property values.  The county will spend $4.3 million on the current project compared to $4.7 million for the revaluation completed in 2008.

    Tyler personnel will take new digital images of every improved property in the county operating out of white passenger vans that are clearly identified with the county’s logo.  All personnel are required to carry photo ID’s issued by the county at all times.

    The photo imaging phase of the revaluation project began in Huber Heights and will continue there through mid-September.  The project will proceed through other communities moving in a counter-clockwise rotation around the perimeter of the county and ending in the city of Dayton.  It is expected to be completed in the late spring of 2013. 

    Keith, also, announced the creation of a new website dedicated exclusively to the revaluation project, www.mcreval.org.

    “We believe we are the first county in Ohio to have a website focused entirely on its revaluation,” Keith said.

    The website will provide general information about the revaluation process, a schedule of the steps involved in the process, answers to frequently asked questions, and project updates.  In addition, it will provide a link to the county’s property information site.

    Keith encouraged property owners to visit the website to stay informed and learn more about the project.

    “Whenever we update property values our primary goal is to be fair and equitable,” Keith said.  “Keeping the public informed and property owners engaged in this process helps to ensure fairness.”

    Ohio law requires counties to update property values by visual inspection once every six years and to complete a market update mid-way through that six-year cycle.  Montgomery County’s last revaluation was completed in 2008 and a market update done in 2011. 

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    County Expects to Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with 2014 Revaluation Project  Read More...
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