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    Enrollment Open for Homestead Exemption Program

    Homeowners who turn 65 at any point in 2012 are now eligible for the Homestead Exemption Program and are encouraged to contact the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office to enroll. 

    “All eligible senior and disabled homeowners are encouraged to contact my office to take advantage of this tax break,” said Auditor Karl Keith, “Last year, the average Homestead Exemption recipient in Montgomery County saved about $580 on their annual property tax bill.” 

    The Homestead exemption program provides property tax relief to homeowners age 65 and older and the permanently disabled.  There are no income requirements, but newly eligible recipients (those turning 65 any time in 2012) must sign up with the Auditor’s office.  Homeowners already enrolled in the program do not need to reapply.

    Qualified applicants who missed last year’s deadline may also sign up and receive a reduction on last year’s taxes, as well as this year’s. 

    Potential new applicants should call the Auditor’s Homestead Hotline at 225-4341  or log on to www.mcauditor.org  to obtain an enrollment form or for more information.

    January 18, 2012

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