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    March 31st deadline for filing property value appeals

    More than 2,100 property owners in Montgomery County were able to get their property values reduced last year by filing an appeal with the county’s Board of Revision.  The last day to file an appeal for the current year is Monday, March 31st.

    “The deadline for anyone who wants to appeal their property value is quickly approaching,” said Auditor Karl Keith.  “Any property owner who believes that the market value the county has set for their property is unfair or needs to be adjusted should take advantage of this opportunity.”

    Forms for filing an appeal are available in the auditor’s office at 451 W. Third Street in Dayton or can be found and downloaded from the auditor’s website at www.mcrealestate.org under the “forms” section.  The appeal forms must be in the auditor’s office or postmarked by March 31st.

    The auditor has received more than 1,200 appeals so far this year, and Keith said he expects to see a lot more activity leading up to the March 31st deadline.  “Typically we receive the bulk of our appeals during the final week before the cut-off,” he said. 

    When an appeal is filed, the auditor’s office will schedule a hearing on that appeal before the Board of Revision, which is comprised of three hearing officers representing the offices of the county auditor, the county treasurer and the Board of County Commissioners.  Property owners will receive at least ten days advance notice before the date of their hearings.

    “At these hearings, property owners are given a chance to offer any evidence they believe supports their opinion of their property’s market value,” Keith said.  “This evidence usually takes the form of a purchase price agreement from a recent sale of the property, a recent appraisal report, or several examples of recent sales of similar properties.”

    “The best indicator of market value is always a recent valid sale,” Keith said.

    Additional information about how to file an appeal and how to prepare for a hearing is available on the auditor’s website www.mcrealestate.org under the “value dispute” link or by calling (937) 496-6856.

    Date: March 21, 2014

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