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    Property Damage Could Lead to Tax Relief

    Owners of homes or businesses that have been severely damaged by the recent Tornado that struck Vandalia and surrounding areas may be eligible to receive a reduction on their real estate tax bill.

    Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith announced that the Auditor would reduce the assessed values for properties that have been structurally damaged or destroyed by the recent high winds in the region.  

    A substantial reduction in property value would result in lower real estate taxes for the property, but citizens must fill out an application with the Auditor’s office and document the damage.

    “We would like to hear from citizens who have suffered structural damage to their property,” said Auditor Keith, “So that we may update our information and allow them to take advantage of tax relief.”

    Home or business owners having suffered structural damage or property destruction from the high winds should download a damaged or destroyed property application from www.mcrealestate.org or call 225-4326. 

    Date: November 08, 2013

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