2014 Revaluation Project starts in Englewood/Clayton Area

Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith announced that image collection for the 2014 Revaluation Project will soon be moving to the cities of Englewood and Clayton. Image collection for the project began last month in Huber Heights and will start in the Englewood/Clayton area beginning Wednesday, September 26th with an expected mid-October date of completion.

Ohio law mandates a visual inspection of each parcel in the county once every six years.  During this 2014 Revaluation Project, all real estate property is to be reassessed and set to fair market value.  In order for this to be possible, up-to-date property images for all county parcels must be collected.  Image collection for the county is scheduled to be completed April 2013.

According to Keith, finding the best way to ensure fair and equitable values has been a challenge in this current housing environment.  These challenges have led to advancements as to how Montgomery County reassesses property.  “Improvements in technology, such as photo imagining, have allowed our office to update and maintain property databases more efficiently,” Keith said, “This Innovation has allowed us to save over $400,000 from the previous countywide revaluation in 2008.”

Montgomery County has contracted with Dayton-based Tyler Technologies to conduct the 2014 Revaluation Project and has taken over 22,000 property images over the last month.  Montgomery County residents should expect to see white passenger vans photographing properties around the community.  All vehicles involved in the 2014 Revaluation Project will be clearly marked with the County logo. 

For more information regarding the 2014 Revaluation Project, please contact the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office at 937-225-4326 or visit www.mcreval.org.


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