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    Data Processing

    Help Desk  - (937) 496-7173
    Fax - (937) 496-7713
    Email -

    451 West Third Street
    P.O. Box 972
    Dayton, OH 45422


     View the ADP Board Minutes Archive

    PDF Document Icon Service Request - Print and fax or e-mail the completed form to the Help Desk.

    The County Auditor shall be the chief administrator of the County Automatic Data Processing Board and may employ a deputy who shall serve under his direction. The Auditor or his deputy shall supervise the operation of the Automatic Data Processing Center. Subject to approval by the Board, the administrator shall employ such other persons as are necessary for the operation of the center and shall fix the compensation of the deputy and all such employees. Salaries and expenses of the center shall be paid from funds budgeted and appropriated to the board by the Board of County Commissioners. The administrator may adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary for the operation of the center.

    The Board of County Commissioners of any county may, by resolution, establish a County Automatic Data Processing Board. The Board shall consist of the County Treasurer or the County Treasurer's representative, the County Recorder or the County Recorder's representative, the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas or the Clerk's representative, a member or representative of the Board of County Commissioners chosen by the board, two members or representatives of the Board of Elections chosen by the Board of Elections, one of whom shall be a member of the political party receiving the greatest number of votes at the most recent general election for the office of governor and one of whom shall be a member of the political party receiving the second greatest number of votes at such an election if the board of elections desires to participate, and the County Auditor or the County Auditor's representative who shall serve as secretary. The members of the County Automatic Data Processing Board may by majority vote add to the board any additional members whose officers use the facilities of the board.

    The Data Processing Department is responsible for all of Montgomery County's computer related tasks. This includes a network of over 2,000 PC terminals and software applications that support the producing of tax bills, water and sewer bills, dog licenses, payroll for all county employees, recording of documents, financial accounting and budget for the County.

    The County Automatic Data Processing Board shall coordinate the use of all automatic data processing equipment in use throughout the county offices at the time the board is established.

    The board may, in writing, authorize any county office to contract for automatic data processing services, or operate or acquire automatic data processing equipment where the board determines such action is desirable. The authorization shall be signed by a majority of the members of the board and shall be filed in the office of the Board of County Commissioners. The County Automatic Data Processing Board may establish an Automatic Data Processing Center, which shall provide a centralized system for the use of automatic data processing equipment for all county offices.


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