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Project Description

Montgomery County Environmental Services (MCES) recently acquired a property adjacent to its Western Regional Water Reclamation Facility. The property consists of 8.6 acres of undeveloped woodland and a vacant single family residence.  A Phase One Environmental Site Assessment was performed in 2016. MCES is currently in the process of conducting several stages of abandonment and demolition of structures and utilities found on the property. To date, the drinking water well has been taken out of service and capped. The septic tank and leaching system has been evacuated of residual materials and abandoned.  MCES is now turning its attention to demolishing the residence and disposing of subsequent construction materials in an environmentally conscious manner.

Contractor: TBA

Status: The project began in June 2016 and is expected to finish in January 2018.

Bid Results: TBA

Project Manager: Saa Shemsu