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Procedures for Scheduling Transportation

In order to use the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission transportation service you must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a copy of your DD-214 or Discharge to the Montgomery County Veterans Office. If you have been to the office previously, please verify that we have a copy of this document on file. You only need to submit this once.
  2. Submit verification of a VA medical appointment at the Dayton VAMC. This needs to be done for every appointment you are requesting transportation for.
  3. Return a signed copy of the Transportation Agreement.

Once these steps have been completed you may call the Transportation Manager at 937-531-5185 to schedule the appointment. In order to ensure the transportation company is able to transport you in a timely manner, please call to schedule your ride no later than 10 business days prior to the actual appointment. You are NOT to call the contracted transportation company to schedule a ride to the VAMC. Unless otherwise stated, the ride is assumed to be round trip. Once your appointment has been completed, you may call Anton’s for a return pickup.

In the case of a cancellation or change, the Transportation Manager needs to be informed with 24 hours’ notice by calling 937-531-5185. Failure to comply with these rules will result in loss of this service and/or monetary reimbursement.  


  • The Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission transportation service is for veterans with verified medical appointments at the Dayton OH VAMC and who do not have access to other means of transportation to their appointment.
  • Veterans who are eligible for Beneficiary Travel from the Department of Veterans Affairs, under normal circumstances, are not eligible for travel from the Montgomery County VSC.
  • We will not transport spouses, children, aides, or other individuals. Only certified service animals may accompany riders. An exception to this would be if it is clinically determined by a VA medical provider that, due to the Veterans mental or physical condition, an attendant is required when transporting the Veteran. The Montgomery County VSC would need documentation from the medical provider stating this need.       
  • The veteran being transported must be ambulatory. The Montgomery County VSC will not provide special mode transportation (ambulance, wheelchair van, etc.).
  • The service will not transport veterans to C&P appointments, walk-in appointments, support groups, or emergency appointments. Additionally the service will only transport veterans to the Dayton OH, VAMC facility.
  • Veterans are expected to remain on the VAMC campus the entire time. Failure to remain on campus will result in suspension of travel from the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission.
  • Veterans awaiting pickup are expected to be in the main lobby of the Dayton VAMC when transportation company arrives.  
  • Veterans are to be returned to the location they were picked up from.

Some veterans may not qualify for transportation by the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission. That does not mean we cannot help secure other means of transportation for the veteran. There are a multitude of transportation services in the county that can be utilized. However, not all of these services are cost free and any fee incurred would be the responsibility of the veteran. Please contact the Transportation Coordinator at 937-531-5185 to schedule an appointment to explore additional transportation options.