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Not every veteran qualifies for financial assistance.  Based on (ORC) Ohio Revised Code 5901.08 each applicant for financial assistance must be a veteran, or active duty member of the Armed Forces of the  United States, or a spouse, widow, dependent parent who is drawing VA compensation, or a minor child under 18 or disabled children prior to reaching 18 and eligible to draw VA benefits, whose parent or parents are a veteran(s).  Eligibility also extends to a minor child under 18 that has been adopted by a  veteran.  The Veteran or qualifying applicant must also be a resident of Montgomery County for at least (3) months prior to applying for assistance. It is the policy of the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission (MCVSC) to provide financial assistance to any qualifying person’s qualifying under section 5901.01 to 5901.14 of the Ohio Revised Code and policies contained in the document established by the (MCVSC).  There is a life time limit of $25,000 in financial assistance per, (Resolution 17-032202). 

 Financial assistance falls under three broad categories. They are, indigent burial, necessities of life, and transportation.  Financial assistance is a short term temporary or one-time payment to assist veterans and their qualifying dependents based on need.  The assistance granted by this office is not a pension, wage replacement, or automatic entitlement.  It is to provide temporary assistance to those who are making a conscientious effort to find a permanent solution to their financial need.

The required documentation for application includes, but is not limited to: DD-214 or equivalent, a current picture ID, proof of household income and expenses for the last 30 days, proof of county residency, marriage certificate, minor children’s birth certificate, and landlord or mortgage statement with tax ID information. Other information may be requested as needed by the service officer.

 Detailed information on application requirements and necessary forms are available at the           Montgomery County Veterans Service Center Office and on our website.