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Emergency assistance is provided to qualifying veterans, spouses, dependent children, dependent parents and surviving spouses on an emergency basis.  Financial assistance is not a pension, wage replacement, or an automatic entitlement program, but a short-term temporary program to assist on an emergency basis to provide the basics of life. 

For the purpose of determining eligibility to receive financial assistance, an "emergency" is a situation which possesses all of the following characteristics:  it arose unexpectedly; created an immediate need for financial assistance; and it was not caused or created by the unreasonable conduct of the applicant.

Applicants must have proof (DD-214) of active duty service in the US Military with an honorable discharge and proof of Montgomery County residency within 90 to 150 days prior to the date of application.

Emergency assistance is intended for needy veterans and financial need must be demonstrated.  The Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission considers many factors to determine eligibility for assistance including household income, living expenses and all assets.  Assistance could include housing expenses, utilities or food payments. Detailed information on application requirements and necessary forms are available at all Montgomery County Public Libraries, Priority Boards, The Dayton VA Medical Center, the Montgomery County Veterans Service Center Office, and on our web site.

The required documentation for application includes but is not limited to: DD-214 or equivalent, current picture ID, proof of last 30 days household income and expenses, proof of county residency, marriage certificate, minor children's birth certificates, and landlord or mortgage statement with tax ID information.