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How to apply for Financial Assistance: 

When applying for financial assistance, you must have all the necessary documentation to complete your application or your application (and approval or denial of funding) will be delayed or denied.  During your appointment, we may determine that additional documentation from you is required to confirm eligibility for assistance. 

You must bring the following items with you to your application appointment (If you have a payee for Social Security or Veterans Administration Benefits, your payee must come with you to the application appointment):

Printable Checklist (PDF Format)

  • All Military discharge papers (DD-214 or equivalent) **   You must be an honorably discharged US veteran and have completed service other than “trainee”.  With multiple periods of service; you must bring all of your discharge papers.  The acceptable copy (Member 4 Copy) of the DD-214 must show the character of service.

  • Marriage certificate and/or divorce decree**  Legal court documents must be submitted showing legal separation or legal court documents must be submitted showing having filed for legal separation to be considered as separated.

  • Birth certificates for all dependent children, legal custody papers for all dependent children (if not living with both natural parents), legal child support orders**

  • Veteran’s death certificate, if applicable**

  • Proof of residency in Montgomery County, Ohio for 90-150 days prior to the date you are applying for assistance.  Proof of residency must have the name of the veteran or spouse, address, and date clearly listed.  The proof cannot be handwritten.  Examples of residency proof include a bank statement, utility bill, or official envelope with the above items clearly displayed.  The Landlord Statement form is not acceptable as proof of residency. 

  • Printouts of bank account activity for the past 45 days - for all checking, savings and debit card accounts

  • Current Ohio photo I.D.   If the veteran is married, current Ohio photo I.D. of spouse.  If another person is applying on behalf of the veteran, current Ohio photo I.D. of that person (person must be designated as legal Power of Attorney).

  • All gross household income or assistance, taxable and non-taxable, for the past 30 days must be reported for all persons living in the household.  This includes all pay stubs, odd job income, retirement income, pension income, social security income, VA pension, VA compensation, vocational rehabilitation, tax refunds of any kind, child support, alimony, SSI, SSD, PRC, food stamps, unemployment, workers compensation, interest income, or income of any other kind.  Self-employed with income applicants are required to provide last year’s tax return and all 1099’s for the last two years.  Part-time and full-time students are required to provide all financial aid award information, GI Bill award information, class hours and a budget showing the ability to meet all monthly obligations.

    If you are unemployed at the time of the application, you must provide three years of employment history or official proof of temporary or permanent disability.

  • All bills and expenses for the past 30 days must be reported.  Receipts must be provided for any claimed bills or expenses, whether they have been paid or are still outstanding.  Bring complete latest electric, gas or water bill if requesting assistance with that utility.  Shut-off notices are not accepted in lieu of bills.

  • A completed Mortgage Company Statement (Our form) and the latest monthly mortgage statement from your lender if you have a mortgage.

  • A completed Landlord Statement (Our form) and Your Lease Agreement if you rent.

  • A Montgomery County Request for Taxpayer Identification and Certification form (Our form), completed by your mortgage company or landlord, must be submitted if you are applying for rent or mortgage assistance.

** These only need to be submitted for the first appointment, they are kept in permanent file.