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Montgomery County Environmental Crimes DeputiesOur Enforcement Actions

Since January of 2013, the Montgomery County Environmental Crimes Task Force has investigated more than 75 environmental crimes, resulting in numerous convictions. You can read more about these cases below, which demonstrate the enforcement actions being taken in Montgomery County to protect our citizens and our environment.

Please check back regularly for updates. 

To report an environmental crime, please call (937) 225-HELP (4357). 


Tire Dumper – Orande Clarke
April 23, 2012 – Dayton, OH – A proud Dayton resident contacted The Montgomery County Environmental Crimes Task Force to report an incident witnessed and photographed by her family. The citizen provided photographic evidence of a blue and gray Ford F150 pickup truck full of tires, with an attached trailer also full of tires, parked at the rear of a vacant property located at 1247 Linda Vista Avenue. The subsequent photos revealed a male unloading the tires from the truck and trailer and dumping them on the vacant property. The license plate on the truck was also visible from the photos. As such, Deputy Dingee was able to initiate an investigation which resulted in open dumping charges for Orande Clarke.
Violation: Open Dumping 3734.02 – Unclassified Felony
Sentence: Court costs and Fines: $1,180. 5 years of probation, 100 hours of community service work. Defendant cleaned dump site.


Neighborhood Polluters - Jonathan Westerman & Christopher Lacy
March 18, 2013 – Dayton, OH - A vigilant and concerned citizen contacted The Montgomery County Environmental Crimes Task Force to report witnessing two males dump trash on a vacant property, located at 115 Harbine Avenue. Environmental Enforcement Deputy Victoria Dingee was immediately dispatched to the address and was able to locate the vehicle reported as being used in the crime in a nearby neighborhood. Upon locating the vehicle, Deputy Dingee also located Mr. Westerman and Mr. Lacy. Through subsequent questioning, the two males confessed to dumping trash which resulted from a property they were being paid to clean out. Mr. Lacy and Mr. Westerman agreed to return to 115 Harbine Avenue in order to identify their illegally dumped trash. Once identified, Deputy Dingee requested that the two males reload the trash into their truck. After complying, Deputy Dingee escorted Mr. Lacy and Mr. Westerman to the Montgomery County Solid Waste District transfer station in order to dispose of the trash properly. The subjects paid a total of $7.65 for the proper disposal of their trash.
Violation: Restrictions on Depositing Litter 3767.32B Misdemeanor 3
Christopher Lacy – Court costs and fines: $183.00. Defendant cleaned the dumpsite.

Anthony Westerman – Court costs and fines: $211.00. Defendant cleaned the dumpsite.


Illegal Tire Transporter – Troy Reid
February 8, 2013 – Washington Township, OH – During the course of his duty Sergeant Kurt Althouse, with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, observed Troy Reid hauling 19 scrap tires in a white GMC pick-up truck. Sgt. Althouse proceeded to initiate a traffic stop, as hauling more than 10 scrap tires without proper registration from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is illegal in the state of Ohio. Upon being stopped, Sgt. Althouse discovered that Mr. Reid was driving with a suspended license. Sgt. Althouse called Environmental Enforcement Deputy, Victoria Dingee, to the scene in order to initiate an environmental crime investigation. As a result of his suspended driver’s license and the illegal hauling of scrap tires, Mr. Reid’s vehicle was towed and the scrap tires were taken to be recycled.
Violation: Registration of Scrap Tire Transporter Required 3734.83
Sentence: Ordered $10,000 fine if any other offenses with 5 years. Vehicle forfeited.