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This data summarizes the results of the 2000 U.S. Census for Montgomery County, Ohio, and highlights demographic changes since the 1990 Census. The data is presented in a series of tables for each township and incorporated municipality in the County.  Township tables exclude data for incorporated municipalities.  Following the summary below are an interactive map of Montgomery County, and a list of the political jurisdictions in the County. You may use either the map or the list to access the census data for each township or municipality.



County population decreased by 2.8%.  This overall figure results from a 9% decline in the population of the City of Dayton, and a .28% increase in the population of the remainder of the County.  Although there were population increases ranging from 1% to 10% in a few of the northern municipalities, most of the growth in population occurred in the southeastern quadrant of the County (this quadrant consists of Washington Township, Centerville, Kettering, Moraine, West Carrollton, Miami Township, and Miamisburg).

County median household income has increased by 33% to $40,158.  The most dramatic change in household and family income statistics has occurred at the high and low ends of the income scale. The percentage of households with income below $15,000 decreased from 24% to 9.5%, and for families from 16% to 9.5%.  Households with income of $75,000 and higher increased from 8% of all households to 36.3%, and families increased from 8% to 26.6% of all families in the County.  The percentage of persons in poverty has declined by 1.7% to 11.3%.  

The median age of County residents has increased by 3.1 years to 36.4 years of age.  Average household size has declined by .12%, to 2.37 persons per household, while the number of households has increased by 1.6%.  The number of families in the County has declined by 5.5%.  The number of housing units has increased by 3.1%.  The median value of housing units increased by 47% to $95,000.

The occupational structure of the County economy has changed slightly.  Workers in the managerial-professional categories increased as a percentage of the County workforce by 6.5% to 33.5%.  Technical, sales and administrative workers decreased by 6.2% to 26.8% of the workforce.  Workers in the production and machining fields constitute 17.1% of the workforce, which is a 2.3% decline from 1990 data.

The Village of Clayton merged with Randolph Township in 1998.  The City of Trotwood merged with Madison Township in 1996.  Population changes reported in Clayton and Trotwood reflect these mergers, as well as natural increases and migration.

Miami Township lost approximately 1,400 acres to the City of Miamisburg,, about 216 acres to the Village of Carlisle, in Warren County, and approximately 35 acres to the City of West Carrollton.  Washington Township lost approximately 400 acres to the City of Centerville.  Jefferson Township lost about 115 acres to the City of Dayton.  Clay Township lost approximately 700 acres to the City of Brookville.  Butler Township lost about 570 acres to the City of Vandalia, and approximately 700 acres to the City of Union.

The rate of inflation, which should be taken into consideration when reviewing income and price data, was 33.9% nationally, from 1990 to 2000.  The data is not adjusted to reflect that inflation rate.