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 Child Support Enforcement Agency CLOSED on

Friday, Dec.9, for Move to The Job Center

DAYTON – Montgomery County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), currently housed on the third and fifth floors of the Reibold Building, will be closed on Friday, Dec.9, in order to move operations to The Job Center, 1111 S. Edwin Moses Boulevard. CSEA will open in its new location, the green area in the back of The Job Center, on Monday, Dec. 12.

“We are very excited about this move and the potential to improve our agency’s customer service,” said Sarah Fields, Assistant Director of Child Support for Montgomery County Job and Family Services (JFS). “Now that we will be housed in the same building as our Family Assistance and Job Services divisions, we plan to connect our clients more completely with those services to help families thrive and become self-sufficient if they are struggling.”

More than 140 CSEA employees will be making the move over to The Job Center, along with another 85 Family Assistance employees who were temporarily housed in the Reibold Building during The Job Center’s 16-month, $10 million renovation project.

“This project is really an investment in people, designed to help our JFS service delivery systems work smarter and more seamlessly together for our consumer base in Montgomery County,” said Bob Gruhl, Renovation Project Manager and JFS Deputy Director. “We took a comprehensive look at our processes and designed our footprint both inside and outside of the building to improve the customer experience and provide faster access to services.”

Customers will find convenient free parking near the CSEA’s storefront entrance on the west side of The Job Center, which is the side opposite the Edwin Moses-facing side of the building. More than 210 parking spaces were added after the removal of the blighted Concord Building. A relocated RTA stop and reconfigured parking areas have improved traffic flow and safety. 

The renovation project will officially conclude later this year, as work will continue after the CSEA move.         

Montgomery County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency collects more than $100,000,000 in support each year to help area families. With more than 52,000 cases, it is one of the top-five largest CSEA’s in the state. Along with establishing support orders, the agency has a paternity lab with free DNA testing, connections to free and low-cost legal aide, a program that establishes free parenting time agreements for qualified parents and a fatherhood program. To learn more, go to



Customers Can Now Access Family Assistance

Lot Through Neighborhood Behind Job Center

Construction crews have fenced off the area between The Job Center and the St. Vincent Thrift Store so they can remove the large speed bump and reconfigure the parking lot. This effort started on Saturday, Aug. 6, and is expected to take about five weeks.

There is a pedestrian walkway along the south end of the thrift store, but cars will not be able to pass between the buildings. A banner has been placed on the construction fence off the north lot to encourage people to access the west lot through the neighborhood behind The Job Center.

The diagram below shows the construction area, pedestrian walkway and the alternate customer route for accessing the west lot.
alternate route diagram

New Entrance, One-Way Northern Access

In Use Beginning April 4 at The Job Center

Beginning Monday, April 4, 2016, the main entrance to The Job Center will close.  Family Assistance customers will need to use the entrance in the middle of the west side of the building. This temporary entrance will be in use until mid-Summer.

To find the closest parking, customers can proceed behind the building either from the south entrance or by taking the drive between The Job Center and St. Vincent DePaul. Please note that this northern entrance to the west lot will become a one-way street going west, and customers must then exit from the south entrance onto Edwin Moses or the west entrance onto Hopeland Street. Pedestrians will have an access that is protected by fencing and concrete barriers.

The map below indicates the temporary Family Assistance entrance, as well as the new one-way traffic pattern heading west and the protected pedestrian route.

traffic flow

Family Assistance Departments Move Temporarily

Due to the need to free up space for our Job Center renovation project, Job Center 2.0, several Family Assistance departments have moved to the Reibold Building. These include the Hospital Unit, Adult Protective Services and Investigation and Recovery. Other departments will be moving to new space within The Job Center to prepare for Phase Two of our project later this winter. Customers will be directed by signage when that happens.