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Part Time to Full Time (Newly Benefits Eligible)

Congratulations on becoming benefits eligible.
Check eligibility and costs

You and your family will be eligible for certain plans. To see who you can cover, when and for how much, check the eligibility rules and plan costs.

  You have 30 calendar days from your part-time to full-time effective date to make your enrollment elections. Failure to enroll within 30 days will result in your coverage being defaulted to: The County Plan, Employee Only Coverage.
Dependent Documentation
  You have 30 calendar days from your Part-time to Full-time effective date to submit the appropriate documents for your requested dependents. Documents must be received by the 30th calendar day from the effective date at 451 W. 3rd Street, Dayton, OH and can be faxed to (937) 496-7407. If you fail to submit the documentation as stated above, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment to add the dependent or within 30 days of a Qualifying Life Event.
bullet Start a health care FSA
  A health care flexible spending account lets you set aside before-tax dollars to pay family health care costs not covered by another plan. Start now, and you'll save taxes on expenses you'd need to pay anyway.
Start a dependent care FSA
  With a dependent care flexible spending account, you set aside before-tax dollars to pay eligible dependent care expenses for a child under age 13 or a disabled adult. If you'll need to pay for dependent care, this lets you save taxes while you do.
Build your records

Contact Human Resources to change...

    Your name, address and other basic information
    Your emergency contacts
    Your tax withholding

Your manager or Human Resources will provide you with any forms you must complete. Where necessary, consult with your family. Return your forms on time to ensure that you are on payroll and enrolled for the benefits of your choice.
Assign beneficiaries
  Complete your beneficiary designations for benefits such as life insurance or retirement programs.