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Dental Options*
MetLife Dental is the County's dental carrier. You may elect coverage under one of the dental plans offered by Metlife Dental whether or not you participate in a County medical option. PDP Plus Network is the name of the participating network of dentists.  However, you are not required to use a participating network dentist to receive benefits - you may see any dentist you choose. You should be aware that if you see a non-network dentist, the plan will only pay up to the Reasonable and Customary (R&C) fee for services rendered. Metlife Dental will not issue you a dental ID card. The dental group number is 156443. 

Dental ID Card
MetLife Dental Benefits Guide
Metlife Plan - Low
Metlife Plan - High
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*Does not apply to DDS or PHDMC and the Core Plan
does not apply to ADAMHS employees.