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The Montgomery County Community Development Office works with 28 local jurisdictions, including cities, villages, and townships, to address each community's individual need. The Community Development Office assists local jurisdictions with projects that improve public infrastructure, parks and community centers, provide affordable housing and emergency home repair, assist businesses, and address vacant and blighted structures.

The majority of Community Development Office projects are federally funded by programs from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

 The following are some of the programs currently administered:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) -Infrastructure Improvements; Economic Development; Physical Improvements; Housing Improvements; Business Incentives. All programs benefit low and moderate income areas/individuals.

  • Home Investment Partnership (HOME)  Homeowner Rehabilitation; Rental Rehabilitation; Multi-family New construction for families and elderly; Tenant-Based Rental Assistance; SRO Housing; and Group Homes for Special Populations.

  • Emergency Solutions Grant Program (ESG) Provides operating costs and essential services for emergency shelters. Also provides funds for prevention, diversion, and rapid re-housing.

The Cities of Dayton and Kettering also receive funding directly from HUD, so Montgomery County generally does not provide funding for projects within these jurisdictions. However, Montgomery County has collaborated with these jurisdictions on projects in the past.

Staff Liaison List- A list of the Community Development Staff assigned to assist respective jurisdictions with CDBG applications and projects.

Please contact the Community Development Office for more information on housing programs.

 ***Funds are allocated to Montgomery County municipalities (except Dayton and Kettering) or Non-profit organizations only.  No grants are given to individuals.  Please contact CountyCorp at 225-6328 for Housing Loans or Home Owner rehab information.