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Montgomery County employees go above 
and beyond each and every day to serve our customers. 
The #1 Employee Program is 
designed to recognize those workers.

Amy Haines
Cynthia Calloway
Doug Melton
Eddie Jones
Jeff Hatton
Joyce Searcy
Valerie Harness
Yvette Cruz
Holly Williams
EH Finger
Teresa Rabb
Kandyce Robinson
Debra Webster
Amy Blackaby
Christina Brown
Ruth Todd
Jerry Mori
Bruce Long
Samson Baker
Lowell Eldridge
Chris Christoff
Brad Woods
Mark Angel
Lynn Voisard
Amanda Lowery
DDS Adult Services Team
Brian and Molly DDS
Brooke and Veronica
DDS Recreation Staff
DDS Resident and Family Services
DDS Self Advocacy Committee
DDS Special Projects Committee
Jason Gilbert DDS
Jim Harper DDS
Susan Lents and  Shannon Murray   DDS
Jennifer Brown
Elizabeth Cusick
Lisa Dill DDS
Charlene Castle
Jennifer Wieland
Linda Smith
MCES Customer Services
Kevin Allen Joe Sichman
Updated Judi and Obie
Angela Gilliland
Johniecsa Smith
Gayle Adams
Carol Collett
Jonathan Lewallen
Kathy Fitzwater
Norman Bradfield
Carole Robinson Burks
Tamica London
Child Support PSU
JFS   Robin Weddington
JFS   Tiffany Dillard
JFS   Hill   James Cox and Shields
JFS   Joan Rice
JFS  Tiffanee Jones
Tyler Small   Purchasing
Pennie Fisher   Stillwater Center
Nancy Cooper   BCCIT
MCES Field Operations