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30 Park Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45419
Phone: 297-2920
Fax: 297-2940
Home Page: http//www.oakwoodohio.gov

Department Contact Phone
Zoning Ethan Kroger 297-2920

Zoning Information
Zoning Change Request
Board of Zoning Appeals
Zoning Certificates

E-Mail: kroger@oakwood.oh.us   
Floodplains (FEMA) - Oakwood is not in the federal flood insurance program

Floodplain Information
100 yr. flood boundary
Floodzone designation

Tom Long
Email: long@oakwood.oh.us
Drainage Mike Wenclewicz 298-0777

Storm sewer
Detention/retention ponds

 Email: wenclewicz@oakwood.oh.us  
Curb Cuts
Mike Wenclewicz
Tom Long
Fire Department Captain Alan Hill 298-2122

Fire Lanes
Fire hydrant location
Minimum water line sizes

Email: hill@oahwood,oh.us


Sewer & Water Mike Wenclewicz 298-0777
Building Permits/Zoning Permits Ethan Kroger 297-2920
Plumbing Permits/Electrical/Heating                   Ketting/Oakwood Planning & Development 296-2441
Food Service Permits  Public Health District 225-4460 
Street Addresses Tom Long 298-0777
Plats & Lot Splits Jay Weiskircher
Email: weiskircher@oakwood.oh.us