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Building Inspectors

Don Hutchison
Office Phone: 496-7978
Cell Phone: 470-9019
   Miami Twp, Washington Twp
Building/Electrical Inspectors   Territories
Gale Fore
Office Phone: 225-4071
Cell Phone: 470-9015

Butler Twp, Clay Twp, City of Clayton, Harrison Twp, Village of Phillipsburg, City of Union


Tim Harris
Office Phone: 496-3291
Cell Phone: 4770571


Washington Twp
Electric inspections only for: Miami and Washington Twp


Ed Lemaster
Office Phone: 225-5039
Cell Phone: 470-9013


City of Huber Heights, Building and Electric

Neal Barkalow
Office Phone: 225-4637
Cell Phone: 470-9016

Village of Farmersville, German Twp, Jackson Twp, Jefferson Twp, Village of New Lebanon, Perry Twp, City of Trotwood.


Danny Joseph
Office Phone 496-7011
Cell Phone: 231-5428

  City of Riverside, Building and Electric


Other Phone Numbers    
Maury Wyckoff,
Office Phone: 225-4586
   Main Office  225-4622
Robert Martin
Inspection Supervisor

Office Phone: 225-4650
Cell Phone: 825-6711

James Tunison   
Commercial Plans Examiner
Office Phone: 225-4635


Joe Mangan
Satellite Office Inspection Coordinator and Residential Plans Examiner
South Office; Monday, Wednesday, Friday 438-2767
Downtown Office; Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Cell Phone: 470-9018