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 Photo Courtesy of Jim Witmer 

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is the largest open admission companion animal shelter in the greater Dayton region. As part of our service to the citizens of Montgomery County, our agency takes in thousands of dogs & cats each year. In addition to direct adoptions, the Animal Resource Center, part of the Dayton Alliance for Companion Animals, works with the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and the SICSA Pet Adoption Center along with many placement partners to find homes for as many dogs & cats as possible. The Animal Resource Center has not euthanized any adoptable dog for lack of space since 2008 and no adoptable cat since 2014 meeting our goal of ending the euthanasia of healthy, behaviorally sound pets by 2015. 

Review the ARC statistics:  2018YTD2017 - 2016 -  2015 - 2014

A dog that is not wearing his/her license is required to be held for a minimum of three (3) days so make sure your dog has his/her license on! The Montgomery County Dog License fee is $20.00 for altered dogs and $24 for unaltered dogs.


Below is a list of animals that have been found and brought to our shelter. The list is not guaranteed to be complete and therefore should not be used in place of walking through our kennels.

We shelter cats from all over the County so if you have lost your cat, make sure to look here, in addition to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and SICSA Pet Adoption Center.

View Lost Dogs | View Lost Cats

In March of 2005, we moved into our new state-of-the-art, 24,000 square foot facility.

Contact the ARC:
 (937) 898-4457   

Office Fax: (937) 454-8139 

facebook Visit us on Facebook:

6790 Webster St. Dayton, OH 45414 View Map

Shelter Hours: 
10 am - 6 pm, Monday-Friday 

10 am - 4 pm, Saturday 
11 am - 1 pm, Sundays & Holidays

To better serve the citizens of Montgomery County, we will now be open on Sundays and holidays* for lost and found searches ONLY.  During these special hours, we can only accept cash (with exact change), checks, MasterCard or Visa, and proper ID is required. 

*Excluding Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day


Find a new furry friend on September 22nd at the annual “WilmerHale Dogs of Fall Adoption Fest!” 

International law firm WilmerHale is once again teaming up with the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and SICSA Pet Adoption Center for the “Dogs of Fall Adoption Fest” on Saturday, September 22, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.   

The event will be held outside the WilmerHale Offices, 3139 Research Boulevard (located in the Miami Valley Research Park), Dayton, Ohio 45420.  

“With the unwavering support of our staff and partners, we hope to find loving, lasting homes for as many dogs as possible,” said Donna Smith of WilmerHale’s Dayton Business Services Center.  “WilmerHale is committed to working with our community partners on important issues to improve the quality of life for people and pets alike.”

Dozens of dogs will be available for adoption at this family-friendly event! 

WilmerHale is a leading full-service law firm with 1,000 lawyers in a dozen cities in the United States and abroad. 


A huge ‘thank you’ to our friends at @SouthtownHCPE Southtown Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical for a generous donation of food bowls and homemade pet treats.  We are so grateful for your support!  Starting today, each dog or cat adopted from the ARC will receive a free bowl and treats.  Supplies are limited!  And, don’t forget the ARC’s Summer of Love adoption specials are still going on through August 14, 2018! 

Even More to Love - Adoption Specials

2018 Summer Adoption Specials3.0

There is more to love at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.  The “Summer of Love” adoption specials are being extended through September 1, 2018. The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is offering half-off adoption specials on select dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.  

        Puppies - $82
        Dogs - $72
        Cats/Kittens - $30 

Adoptions include:
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Microchip
  • 2018 License
  • 1st round of vaccines
  • Dewormer

The Animal Resource Center is located at 6790 Webster Street, Dayton, OH 45414. If you would like more information about this special promotion or what it takes to adopt a forever friend, email the Animal Resource Center at or call 937-898-4457.

Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips
Hot Weather Safety

Summer is a time for both you and your pet to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors, but this season also offers situations that can endanger your pet.  Here are some tips for pet owners in order to keep their furry friends safe this summer:

  • You may be tempted to take your pet with you in the car when you travel or run errands.  During warm weather, the inside of a vehicle can reach 120 degrees in a matter of minutes even when parked in the shade.  Pets left in hot cars even briefly can suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and can even die.  To avoid any chance that your pet will succumb to the heat of your car, play it safe and leave your pet cool and refreshed at home.
  • Driving with a dog in the back of a pick-up truck is very dangerous. Flying debris can cause injury to your pet or your dog may be unintentionally thrown out of the bed of the truck.  Dogs should ride in the cab or in a secured crate in the bed of the truck.
  • Plenty of fresh water and shade are extremely important.  In summer heat your pet can suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Owners need to know the signs:  heavy panting, rapid pulse, glazed eyes, staggering gait, vomiting and/or a deep red or purple tongue.  If your pet becomes overheated immediately begin lowering its body temperature.  Get your pet in the shade and begin applying cool (not cold) water.  Most importantly, get him to a veterinarian.
  • Even during the summer months pets need exercise and one must use caution.  Limit exercise to early morning or evening hours.  Bear in mind that asphalt gets extremely hot and can burn your pet’s paws.

  • Crowded summer events and pets do not mix well.  The loud noises and crowds combined with the heat can be stressful and dangerous.  Remember, incidents of dog bites increase during the summer.
  • Ensure that your pet is wearing a collar and identification (dogs are required to wear their license).  That way if your pet gets separated or lost he has a greater chance of being reunited with his owner.

You "Can" Help!

ARC in Need of Canned, Wet Pet Food and Other Items

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is in need of donations for the pets in our care:

Canned Dog and Cat Food, Hot Dogs, Bleach

ARC Donations


Now, every dog that enters the ARC system becomes registered on Finding Rover. Users of Finding Rover can search the shelter right from their smartphone or computer in efforts to find their missing dog, a neighbor’s missing dog, or search for adoptable dogs. The Montgomery County, Ohio Animal Resource Center is now the first shelter in Ohio to offer the Finding Rover application which offers facial recognition technology to identify lost pets.  Finding Rover is a free service for identifying lost and found dogs in real-time with facial recognition technology accessible through the smartphone app and website.

Every dog that leaves the ARC, through a reunion or an adoption, can remain protected on Finding Rover when the pet-parent completes registration with an email. If that dog ever gets lost, their record will already be in the system, allowing for easy identification.

Registration of your pet is simple and free. Once your dogs are registered, they’re protected for life.  Registration is easy through Facebook and email – all you need is a picture of your dog and a zip code.  Anyone with a mobile phone can take a photo of a lost dog, which will be instantly posted on Finding Rover.

Finding Rover is currently available on iOS, Android, and online at for FREE..

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