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  1. Enter street direction in drop down window unless it is part of the name
  2. Spell out ordinal numbers in street names like FIRST, SECOND and THIRD
  3. Always abbreviate the prefix SAINT as ST
  4. If you don't get a hit on the prefix MOUNT try MT
  5. Follow prefixes such as DE, EL, LA, LE, MAC, MC, MT, ST, VAN with a space
  6. Do not use punctuation except for a dash in hyphenated street names
  7. Abbreviate suffixes as: AV, BL, CT, DR, LN, PK, PL, PT, RD, SQ, ST, TR, CIR, EXT, HWY, PKE, ROW, RUN, TER, WAY
  8. You may enter a partial street name but enter at least 4 characters
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