W.I.S.E. - Webbie's Internet Safety Education Program - A Program of the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office designed to help educate Parents, Children and Schools about the importance of being safe online.
Warnings & Tips

Know the Warning Signs

  • Child spends large amounts of time on the Internet
  • Find pornography on the computer
  • Child turns off computer when adult enters
  • Child becomes withdrawn from family and friends
  • Child's grades decline
  • Child receives phone calls from unknown source
  • Phone bill/Caller ID shows unfamiliar long distance calls
  • Child receives mail, gifts, packages from an unknown source


  • Communicate with your child.
  • Encourage discussions with your child.
  • Develop a trusting relationship with your child.
  • Check the computer/phone bills/packages.
  • Demand to know about your child's online friends.
  • Limit your child's time on the computer.
  • Place the computer in a common room.
  • Watch your child. Know where they are.
  • Educate yourself on the dangers/use of Internet.
  • Use blocking tools/filters.
  • Don't threaten to remove internet privieges.
  • Understand distressing incidents; remain calm.
  • Report any suspicious predators who contact your child.


Don't get caught in a Web of Deception. Being aware of these tactics can go a long way toward protecting kids from sexual exploitation online.

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