W.I.S.E. - Webbie's Internet Safety Education Program - A Program of the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office designed to help educate Parents, Children and Schools about the importance of being safe online.

Tiffany's Story: "Looking for love in all the wrong places"

Tiffany was a 13 year old girl. Her parents were going through a divorce and things were not great at home. Tiffany had access to a computer and a cell phone that had video, picture, and text messaging capabilities. She spent a lot of time on the Internet.

While on the Internet, Tiffany met Jason, a 25 year old man from New York. They "talked" several times in an Internet chat room and then he asked her to send clothed and naked pictures of herself to him through her cell phone, which Tiffany did. Jason wanted to meet Tiffany in person and Tiffany agreed. Jason flew to Dayton, Ohio, reserved a motel room and engaged in sexual conduct with Tiffany. After the weekend ended, despite being warned by Tiffany's older sister and her parents to stay away from Tiffany, Jason flew back to New York and continued to have contact with Tiffany.

Tiffany's family contacted the police. Jason is still at large. And the police are certain that Tiffany was not his only victim.

Tiffany's circumstances made her an ideal target. Her home situation left her lonely, vulnerable and seeking adult attention and love.


Don't get caught in a Web of Deception. Being aware of these tactics can go a long way toward protecting kids from sexual exploitation online.

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