W.I.S.E. - Webbie's Internet Safety Education Program - A Program of the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office designed to help educate Parents, Children and Schools about the importance of being safe online.
Mathias H. Heck, Jr. - Montgomery County Prosecutor Dear Fellow Citizens:

The Internet provides amazing opportunities for information gathering and sharing. It is a communication link that offers instant contact between family and friends. Unfortunately, it is also a place where predators have unlimited and anonymous access to our children. It is vital that we work together to delete online predators.

The W.I.S.E. Program is designed to help educate all members of our community, adults and children alike, about the importance of being safe on the internet.

I hope these materials provide useful information and resources for you.

Understanding the dangers present on the Internet is the first step toward taking appropriate precautions.

Very truly yours,

Signature of Matthias H. Heck, Jr.

Mathias H. Heck, Jr.
Prosecuting Attorney

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