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List of properties for sale

Sheriff Sales occur every Friday at 10:00 AM unless it is a Holiday, if there is a holiday, there will not be an auction that day. Sales are held in the County Commissioners hearing room on the 10th floor of the County Administration building located at 451 W. Third St., Dayton, Ohio, 45422. Check the list of properties for sale and the exact sale date here: View the list.

The properties are not open for inspection and the Sheriff's Office does not have keys to the houses. The buyer receives the property "as is", caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the property for back taxes, delinquent utility bills, liens, and/or any additional cost associated with the property. You can view the entire case file at www.clerk.co.montgomery.oh.us/pro. Sales will be advertised in the Dayton Daily News and the Daily Court Reporter for minimum three consecutive weeks on the Friday before the sale date. The Sheriff's Office does not mail or provide any list of properties or other information about purchasing foreclosed property.

Each property is appraised by three separate appraisers. This appraisal DOES NOT include an interior examination of the premises. Starting bid is 2/3 of the appraised value and the sale goes to the highest bidder. You must be present in order to place a bid.

Purchaser's Responsibility: As the highest bidder, you must deposit 10% of the purchase price by cash, certified check or personal check (personal check must be from a local bank in Montgomery County) to the Sheriff's Office immediately after the sale has ended. The balance of the purchase price is due 30 days from the file date of the Confirmation of Sale. An employee from the Sheriff's Office will contact you and let you know when the 30 days begin. At that time you will also be informed of any additional fees that are owed as required in the Confirmation of Sale. The balance must be paid in the form of cash, cashier's or certified Check and made payable to "The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office". Your balance will be due 30 days from the file date of the Confirmation of Sale. Purchasers failing to provide the balance due within those 30 days are at risk of having contempt proceedings initiated and forfeit the 10% deposit.

Attorney's responsibility: The attorney's office representing the foreclosing bank will have to prepare a Confirmation of Sale (court order) and submit it to a Judge 30 days after the auction date. After the court approves the Confirmation of Sale, the attorney must send the deed and a completed Conveyance form to the Sheriff's Office for review. The confirmation instructs the Sheriff's Office how to distribute the money received from the purchaser. If someone still occupies the property, you will have to file a Writ of Possession (eviction) through the Clerk of Courts. The Property is not yours until the deed is in your name.

The terms of sale are not the same on mortgage foreclosures and real estate tax foreclosures. Check the website's list of properties for exact terms of sale.

All revenue generated from Sheriff's real estate sales goes into the County's general fund.