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Board of Commissioners
Community Action Partnership-CAP
STATUTE:  Community Service Block Grant
FUNCTION: Work in partnership with local community to eliminate the cause and conditions of poverty and support self-sufficiency

MEETINGS:  Third Tuesday every other month

CONTACT:  John (Tim) Donnellan
                       719 S Main St
                       Dayton, OH 45402
TERM LENGTH: Co-Terminus with term of elected official

COMPOSITION: 21 member board made up of six counties. Montgomery County has 5 members on the board. 1/3 public official or designee, 1/3 general community & 1/3 low income persons or representative
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Lovelace, Dean   Term of Office/Position  
  Ferguson, Cynthia   Term of Office/Position  
  Jones, Michelle   Term of Office/Position  
  Thomas, Tawana   11/01/2049  
  Woods, Dwayne   Term of Office/Position   1
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only