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Montgomery County Family Services Planning Committee
STATUTE:  ORC 329.06; Montgomery County Resolution 09-1235
* For more information on the Ohio Revised Code visit
FUNCTION: To represent the groups of individuals and the public and private entities that have an interest in the family services provided in the county.

MEETINGS:  Quarterly; subcommittees meet more often

CONTACT:  Deb Downing, Assistant Director, MCDJFS
                       1111 S. Edwin Moses Blvd.
                       Dayton, OH 45422

Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Webster, Charmaine   12/31/2016   1
  Melson, Constance   12/31/2016   1
  Keyer, Kristen   12/31/2016   1
  Gillespie, Toni Perry   12/31/2016   2
  Nolan, Tim   12/31/2016   2
  Baccus, Makell   12/31/2016   1
  Pegues, Geraldine   12/31/2016   3
  Welborn, Diane   12/31/2016   1
  Strnad, Judy   12/31/2016   1
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only