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Veterans Service Commission
STATUTE:  Ohio Revised Code 5901.02
* For more information on the Ohio Revised Code visit
FUNCTION: Act as a liaison between the Veteran's Service Office and the Veterans' population. Keep Veterans and their organizations informed of services provided by the office, and changes in the laws as well as any other pertinent information

MEETINGS:  Second Wednesday of Each Month at 9:00 a.m.

CONTACT:  Herbert A. Davis, Director
                       627 Edwin C Moses Blvd, 4th Fl, East Medical Plaza
                       Dayton, OH 45408
TERM LENGTH: Five years

COMPOSITION: Eight members through August 19, 2015 - three appointed by BCC, must be county resident and must be an honorably discharged veteran, five appointed by Judge in Common Pleas Court, who are county residents, (one person recommended by American Legion, one person recommended by Veterans of Foreign Wars, one person recommended by Disable American Veterans, one person recommended by AMVETS, one recommended by Military Order of the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Veterans of America, or the Korean War Veterans Association). After August 19, 2015, five members appointed by the Common Pleas Court.
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Harshaw, William   01/14/2016   3
  Webb, Ashley   01/14/2015  
  Board Seat Deleted,    
  Hamilton, Danny   08/19/2015   2
  Board Seat Deleted,    
  Vacant,   01/14/2017  
  Istvan, Tom   01/14/2019   3
  Meeks, John   01/14/2018   1
  Board Seat Deleted,    
  Payne II, Grafton   08/19/2015   2
  Titus, Robin T.   08/19/2015  
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only