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Public Defender Commission
STATUTE:  Ohio Revised Code 120.13 and BCC Resolution #76-117
* For more information on the Ohio Revised Code visit
FUNCTION: Determines qualifications and size of supporting staff and other requirements to maintain and operate the CPD's office; recommends to BCC operating budget

MEETINGS:  Quarterly or as called by chairman or by request of Public Defender

CONTACT:  D.K. Rudy Wehner, Public Defender
                       117 S. Main St., Suite 400
                       Dayton, OH 45422
TERM LENGTH: Four years

COMPOSITION: Five members, three appointed by BCC, two by presiding Judge, Court of Common Pleas
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Marx, Dianne F.   12/31/2015   2
  Leppla, Gary J.   03/31/2018   2
  Weaver, Brian D.   01/12/2017   1
  Gresham, Robert L.   01/12/2016   2
  Rice, Bonnie   12/31/2017   0
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only