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The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief legal advisor and attorney for Montgomery County. The responsibilities of the County Prosecutor include the prosecution of persons charged with felony offenses, providing legal advice and counsel to all county elected officials and county departments, handling legal proceedings involving juveniles who violate the law, researching, drafting and arguing all appeals of criminal and civil cases emanating from Montgomery County, and representing township trustees.

The primary function of the Prosecuting Attorney is to prosecute felony criminal cases in the county. The Criminal Division handles cases before the Grand Jury, Preliminary Hearings in Municipal and County Courts, hearings in Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Courts of Ohio and the United States. Prosecutors are also assigned to the County Courts and have jurisdiction in designated areas of the unincorporated townships.

Victims and witnesses receive support and counseling throughout the investigation and prosecution of their case through the efforts of the Victim Witness Division. Beginning in 1990, this division provided a coordinator for the Violence Prevention Project. Support groups for family and friends of homicide victims help these individuals cope with their loss. In order to provide twenty-four hour, seven day service, a staff of 12 Victim Advocates are assisted by a network of over forty active volunteers.

The Family Violence Unit provides assistance to both police and prosecutors in their efforts to reduce and eliminate all forms of family violence in our community. The Family Violence Unit serves as a training and investigative resource for law enforcement and tracks incidents of family violence.

Efforts to reduce child homicide and abuse are enhanced through the Child Abuse Bureau, a team of assistant prosecutors and victim advocates working with law enforcement and child welfare workers at the Care House. This team approach is designed to facilitate and improve the investigation and prosecution of these serious crimes. The Child Protection Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office takes legal action in Juvenile Court to remove abused and neglected children from their homes and to insure their safe placement.

Complex fraud cases known as white-collar crimes are investigated and prosecuted by the Fraud and Economic Crimes Division. An important function of this division is the coordination of local consumer, business and law enforcement agencies, and the sharing of its legal expertise with these groups.

Restitution for crime victims is collected from first time, non-violent offenders through the Diversion Division. This division diverts very low risk, first time adult offenders accused of non-violent crimes from the criminal justice system. Individuals qualifying for this program are placed under supervision and their behavior is monitored. They are required to make restitution, complete community service, and stay out of trouble.

Listed below are the nine divisions that make up the prosecutor's office. Click on one for more information about that division, and the services it offers.

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Juvenile Division
Victim / Witness Division
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