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Criminal Division

It is the primary responsibility of the Prosecuting Attorney to prosecute persons charged with felony offenses that occur anywhere within Montgomery County. Through the Criminal Division, the Prosecutor's Office annually reviews over 7,000 cases submitted for filing as felonies by the various law enforcement agencies. The Criminal Division consists of four trial teams; an intake section, which handles all preliminary hearing and grand jury matters; as well as a Violent Crimes Bureau.

The Violent Crimes Bureau was established in January, 1993., to target and fast track the most serious and dangerous offenders. Due to the serious nature and circumstances of felony cases, and the obvious importance and impact crime has on all citizens, the Criminal Division is the most visible division of the office.

Part of the Criminal Division, the Criminal Non-Support Unit gathers evidence and oversees the filing of felony charges against parents who refuse to pay court-ordered child support.

Child support in the amount of $5,284,515.96 has been collected from the Unit’s caseload during the last five calendar years, 2003 through 2007.

During the same time period, prison sentences have been imposed in 313 of the unit’s cases, usually after continued refusal to pay child support.


Phone: (937) 225-5757


Leon J. Daidone, Chief
Leon J. Daidone, Criminal Division Chief



Violent Crimes Bureau (VCB):
Dan Brandt
Bob Deschler
Lynda Dodd
Sandra Hobson
Tracey Ballard Tangeman

Secretary to First Assistant and Criminal Chief:
Kathy Gambill


Team 1:

Ward Barrentine - Trial Team Supervisor
Chris Cloud
Heather Jans
Karina Korostyshevsky
Johnna Shia

Team 2:

John Amos - Trial Team Supervisor
Kraig Chadrick
Joe Habbyshaw
Cynthia Mullins
Ciara Parks
Sean Patrick
Dawn Williams

Team 3:

Erin Claypoole - Trial Team Supervisor
Eric Buchakjian
Mary Ellen Ditchey
Zachary Huffman
Kelly Madzey
Justin Sheridan
Emily Sluk
Michael Zimmerman

Team 4:

Jenny Weber - Trial Team Supervisor
Nicole Amrhein
Franklin Gehres
Michele Henne
Natasha Newberry
Kim Oliver
Anthony Schoen


Adult Protection Unit:
Kimberly Oliver


District Court Attorney:
Greg Spears


Criminal Investigators:
Susan Neely
Gary Ware

Intake/Grand Jury Section

The Intake Section of the Criminal Division is comprised of 6 Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys whose primary responsibility is conducting Preliminary Hearings in the municipal courts as well as presenting cases for indictment before the Montgomery County Grand Jury. The Intake Section is also responsible for reviewing the majority of felony cases presented by the Dayton Police Department for filing.


Phone: (937) 225-5761


John Marshall, Supervising Attorney
John Marshall – Supervising Attorney


Intake/Grand Jury/Prelims/Post-Conviction:
April Campbell
Karen Groseth
Alissa Schriner

Case Management Section

The Case Management Division processes the paperwork and records relating to the handling of felony cases from the time a charge has been accepted for felony prosecution through conviction. These employees also provide clerical support to the criminal division attorneys.


Phone: (937)225-5757


Support Staff Supervisor:
Sharon Jenkins

Case Management Staff:
Carrie Batz
Susie Berkshire
Diana Clutter
Tracy Davidson
Tinisha Jones
Laura Jordan
Tom Kalbaugh
Stacy Kennard
Amber Loesch
Megan Lucking
Jessica Newsom
Jessica Schaeffer
Pam Stanley
Alexa Staas
Rion Talley
Ashley Yane


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